“guest blog post contribution”

From: Derek
Subject: guest blog post contribution

Message Body:
Hi guys, I have just started writing articles on some of my favourite subjects. I would like to submit an article I have written to your blog by way of guest blog posts. I have picked some subjects with which I am very well versed as I have worked for a marketing company before. Here’s the download https://wetransfer.com/downloads/9ecbb557a1ea9164d917ea260e98a43520180523075840/50c3003f93d971e7e922f51a8fe014d720180523075840/0c5a02 I would also be very appreciative if you could attribute each article to Yoggy Vaper (me!) as I would like to grow my reputation in this field. Please drop me a line with the published url so that I can take a look. Again, thanks very much guys and if you want me to write some more articles, please let me know. I should hopefully have a bit of free time after work! Cheers, Derek (aka Yoggy Vaper)

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